Are you ready to PROVE the value of social media?

Social media ROI: every executive says they want it but very few understand what they need or why. This course puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to getting the data you need to PROVE the value of social media to your bottom line.

Key Workshop Take-Aways

Being able to prove the value of social media is a game-changer - are you ready?

  • What

    What it means to measure social media ROI - - and why it matters to your career, your team, and your business.

  • How

    Step-by-step instructions for calculating social media ROI using Agorapulse's newest feature - a first in the industry.

  • Why

    Learn when ROI is the wrong KPI! Get the inside track on delivering the right data based on your unique strategy and goals.

A Hands-On Workshop

Over 90 minutes of education and supplemental materials, broken down into eight lessons that will fit neatly into your busy schedule.

  1. 1
    • Show Me the Numbers - The Future of Social Media Marketing is Here

    • Part 1: Course Introduction

    • Part 2: Why We Care About ROI

    • Part 3: What is Social Media ROI?

    • Part 4: Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses of ROI

    • Part 5: How to Calculate Social Media ROI

    • Part 6: How To Improve Social Media ROI

    • Part 7: Top Social Media ROI Mistakes

    • Part 8: Conclusion

    • Next Up: Put what you've learned into action

Chris Penn

Chief Data Scientist

Chief Data Scientist of Trust Insights

Christopher Penn

Christopher S. Penn is an authority on analytics, digital marketing, and marketing technology. A recognized thought leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker, he has shaped four key fields in the marketing industry: Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing and PR, modern email marketing, and artificial intelligence/machine learning in marketing. As Chief Data Scientist of Trust Insights, he is responsible for the creation of products and services, creation and maintenance of all code and intellectual property, technology and marketing strategy, brand awareness, and research & development.